Changing Human Resources in a Global & Changing Business World

The success of a business is largely determined by the people that work for it, but hiring fantastic employees isn’t the end game. Finding the right talent is only the beginning and nurturing employees is an ongoing process. Human Resources (HR) is the engine that keeps businesses running, ensuring that employees are adequately trained and certified, but also in the right jobs, in an environment where they can thrive and are happy within the company.

The approach and expectation of HR is shifting though. More employees want to take a hands on approach to their standing & future in a company and as a result, HR is becoming more collaborative and interactive. Sage People, while similar to Sage HRMS, is a new age solution for Human Resources that allows HR departments to thrive amidst advancing technology and the changing expectations of staff and companies alike.

Tech changing People and vice versa

It’s not just employee expectations that are changing, it’s the way we do business and the technologies available. For small businesses, Human Resources (HR) is a lot simpler. You generally have an HR team (or person) in the office and an on-premise HR solution that services all of your HR needs, such as a database of key employee information, benefits tracking, time-off management, government compliance features and reporting.  Since the team is small and in most cases local, your HR processes are less intricate so you’re less likely to experience pain points as the result of an on-premise HR solution without cloud capabilities.

However, growing and global organizations have more complex requirements. Human Resources is tasked with ensuring there’s consistency across the company in how employees are hired, managed and retained, which can prove to be more challenging as the company expands. Additionally, the speed & efficiency of the HR team becomes increasingly important as organizations grow, since inadequate processes and software can interfere with talent acquisition & management.

An Interactive Approach

The perspective of the workforce is also changing; employees are no longer satisfied with a question & answer structure with Human Resources, they want to be more self-reliant and interactive. The difference in how employees wanted to interact with their company made a noticeable shift when Millennials joined the workforce, and is expected to be even more prevalent as Gen Z joins.

Traditional HR Management Systems are predominantly informational, serving as a first step to centralizing employee information. With these new ways of doing business though, a new type of solution has entered the marketplace called Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, which in contrast, are focused on collaboration and designed to include employees in a hands-on way wherever possible.

For example in Sage People, different portals aid in keeping employees and potential employees engaged, which takes some of the workload off HR’s shoulders. In the process of talent acquisition, candidates can apply through a dedicated candidate portal, through which people can book interviews, complete aptitude tests and submit reference checks.

Employees are also empowered with access to a self-service portal, which allows them to manage and update their information without assistance from HR. Each employee has a profile on Sage People which gives the solution a social network feel, similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. Additionally, the Team Manager Role provides teams with a quick people search tool, as well as dynamic project planning and workflows.

Staying One Step Ahead

Retaining talented employees is an ongoing pain point for HR because employees can leave for any number of reasons. Some employees leave because they’re unhappy or dissatisfied in their role, while others may love their job and perform excellently but feel there’s no room for growth so start looking at other jobs.

One of the most valuable assets an HR solution can have is analytics that allow them to dig in and really understand what employees want, need and expect. This helps HR stay a step ahead so they can address issues before valuable talent is lost.  Sage People includes advanced Reporting and Analytics tools that allow HR to set up ‘smoke detectors’ that trigger changing behaviors, trends, or cultural shifts within the organization so they can be proactive and take action faster.

Times are Changing, Human Resources should too

We live in an age where employee expectations are at an all-time high, and they’re more engaged with HR than ever before. To top it off, we’re operating in a global economy so HR has their hands full. HR can only be as effective as the solution they’re using which is why it’s so important to choose a solution that can accommodate the advancing needs of your organization.

Sage People is fast becoming a favorite among mid to large size enterprises because it’s inclusive and interactive framework keeps employees engaged while simultaneously allowing HR to run more efficiently.