Mine Operation Management System (MOMS): How it’s Revolutionizing the Mining Industry

The mining industry has been consistent for decades: if there is a desire for an increase in volume, the straight forward solution has been to increase production volumes. However, with the new and advanced technology that has surfaced in recent years, the mining industry can take a far more efficient approach to returns – by improving operations.

MOMS (Mine Operation Management System) is specialized software powered by Sage X3 (also known as Sage Enterprise Management) and OSL Soft PI that offers a unique combination of components catered to the complex and versatile needs of mining companies. However, in an industry that’s been stable for so many years, many mining companies are content with their approach & processes, wary of making changes, and unsure if the benefit of new technology is worth the effort. We’re going to explore what MOMS really has to offer and the questions you can ask to evaluate if your business would benefit from the software.

How does your business measure up?

It’s easy to feel like you have all the information you need with the technology and processes you have, but how well can you answer the following questions?

• What is my true per ton operating cost?
• What are my top reasons for equipment downtime?
• Is my material supply adversely impacting production?
• What is my actual production vs. plan/yield targets?
• What is the most common cause of rework?
• What is my plant lost opportunity cost?
• What are my machine/department/plant constraints?
• When did my mine run at its highest efficiency, utilization and recovery levels?
• How will today’s production impact my company’s cash flow, revenue, costs and forecasts?

With intelligent mining software these questions are easy to answer and quick to find. In conjunction with Sage X3, MOMS (Mine Operation Management System) offers rich functionality to optimize your supply chain including tools such as performance calculation, material tracking and process monitoring, which will enable you to manage your process plants with more control.

Instead of working with disjointed systems, you can fully integrate your front and back office operations, equipping you with an extensive database of detailed information. Access to functions such as detailed dashboards and reporting allow you to make decisions that ensure your mining company is successful and profitable.

The key components of MOMS include:
– Production planning & scheduling
– Performance calculation – to ensure efficiency & optimal utilization of resources
– Downtime analysis
– Document management
– Process monitoring
– Quality management
– Mass/material balance
– Material tracking
– Performance management
– Reporting
– Cash flow planning and management

Everything you need, all in one place

As a fully integrated system, MOMS creates a central network for all of your employees and data so you don’t have to scramble to find information across different systems and locations. It helps you get work done faster by eliminating data duplication and the need for manual data entry. The centralized system also allows you to evaluate your processes from top to bottom, eliminate inefficiencies and ensure that your operations are streamlined and compliant. Additionally, you can use the data to your advantage with the ability to gain real-time insight into your performance through user dashboards and reporting, which are accessible on any mobile device.

The value of insight

Everyone talks about big data and how accurate insight helps businesses, but the insight and control that MOMS provides specifically enables mining companies to improve profits through educated business decisions. For example, an ongoing issue faced by mining companies is finding and allocating skilled workers and resources to remote mine locations, which can directly impact the probability and performance of that mine. MOMS can be used to ensure that resources, both human and material, are allocated optimally to produce maximum profit.

Having a fully integrated, end-to-end system is the ultimate tool for bringing your mining business to the next level. It will make daily tasks faster and simpler to execute, but it will also give you compelling insight into your data that you never could have imagined. Taking control of your operations and optimizing your processes will help you save money, increase volume and ultimately be more profitable. One could argue that they called it MOMS for a reason, they do say mothers always know best!

Key source for information provided by Sage