The Answer Company Business Continuity Update



Hi, I’m Shawn Ostheimer, CEO of the Answer Company. Just like a lot of you, I’m a small business owner. I’ve been building a business for 25 years and I know how scary a time like this can be. Some of you have known me for a long time and we’ve weathered storms together in the past. This is a tough one, but I know we can work together to get through this one too.

I want to provide an update on how we are responding to the current situation, how we have adapted, and the steps we are taking in our commitment to support you and your business as you navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

First, I want to let you know that we are focused at The Answer Company, on ensuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners, while at the same time maintaining business continuity. 

We are fully operational and equipped to maintain the high-quality service you have come to expect from us, and you can depend on our team to deliver solutions that can minimize the impacts of COVID-19 to your employees and operations. 


We recognize the critical role that technology plays in business is more essential now than ever. Many businesses are struggling to enable their employees to work remotely and the swiftness of this crisis may have uncovered obsolete technology or business processes that are crippling your business and productivity. 

We are here if you need help to transition your organization safely and smoothly.

With employees located in cities across Canada, I am lucky that The Answer Company’s infrastructure, employees and business processes are already optimized to accommodate a remote workforce. Our experts have a tremendous amount of experience and are available to help you quickly leverage technologies that will help your organization through this challenge as well as position you for future growth.

If your business is facing new challenges, I ask that you please reach out to me and my team and let us see if we can solve any of the issues you are experiencing right now.

By working together, I’m confident that we all can emerge from this crisis more agile, resilient and stronger than ever.

Please take the necessary precautions to help ensure your own health and safety and that of your loved ones.