Productivity, while important, must be balanced between the health and safety of your employees. Share tips and helpful best practices for the mental adjustment to working from home. See also, Sage’s tips for keeping your business moving, and Time’s equally helpful pointers on staying productive and mentally healthy.

Talking to your employees is more vital than ever. During this pandemic, everyone is operating in an environment of uncertainty. Any guidance you can give your people right now, you should. Transparency is crucial right now, because transparency inspires trust – be candid, be honest and be kind.

On-going conversations should include check-ins by managers to address concerns around the new way of working, feedback on what employees have been doing, and much-needed outside connection.

Working from Home Well

We’ve gathered some tips for successfully working remotely, learned from years of remote working across our whole team.



Time to Reevaluate

Trust that your employees are being productive and doing the work. Everybody works differently, so allowing some flexibility on working hours lets employees work at their most productive time of day; this is particularly applicable to those living with or caring for dependents that are also house-bound.

Employees are anxious and likely have a lot of questions. Gartner suggests being able to answer 10 questions, available here.

Now is a great time to switch your productivity measures from hours logged to something outcome-based or KPI measured.