BC Government Launches $7500 Grant for eCommerce Websites

The Launch Online Grant program was started by the BC government on February 3, 2021 and is administered by Alacrity Canada. This BC eCommerce grant is aimed to help BC businesses by providing funding to create an online shop and/or improve their e-commerce experience to attract new local customers and expand to new markets. As part of StrongerBC, BC’s Economic Recovery Plan, the program has been provided $30 million to help businesses get their operations online. The program works on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it’s best to apply as soon as possible. 

How does the program work? 

The program is available to BC-based businesses to create an online shop or improve their online experience. The BC eCommerce grant pays up to 75% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $7,500 per business. Also, up to 25% of funds will be reserved for Indigenous businesses and businesses operating outside of the Lower Mainland and greater Victoria. The funds must be used to hire BC-based company(ies) to do the online store development.

Who qualifies? 

Since it is a BC-based program, applicants must have their businesses operating within BC. Those looking to apply must meet all of the following eligibility criteria: 

  • The business is owned by a BC resident or residents;
  • The business’s sole or primary operations are located in BC
  • The business:
    • Is currently operating;
    • Is registered in BC;
    • Employs less than 149 BC residents;
    • Pays taxes in BC;
    • Maintains a
      • Business number;
      • GST number; and
      • PST and WorkSafeBC number (where applicable).
    • Generated sales of more than $30,000 in the past year (in 2019, or in the year preceding the application)
    • Has repeatable products (goods), or in the case of artists and jewellers, individual items that have slight differences (i.e. paintings or rings)
    • Does not currently have an online store or has an online store that has no more than three of the five identified online store features:
      • Customer registration and information security features;
      • Shopping cart and order management capabilities;
      • Payment processing options including application of appropriate taxes and shipping costs at time of ordering;
      • Product catalogue, search and inventory status; and
      • Website analytics and reporting capabilities.

How do I apply? 

The program application process has 3 steps: 

Step 1: Develop a grant proposal that indicates how you plan to use the funds, including cost estimates.

Step 2: Complete an online application demonstrating you meet the eligibility requirements. 

Step 3: Applicants will be contacted within three weeks with the outcome of their application.

You will also be required to provide:

  • Current year balance or past fiscal year statement;
  • Your business number;
  • PST and WorkSafeBC registrations, if applicable;
  • Income tax return:
    • Notice of assessment (2019); or
    • First section of T2 return or first section of owner’s tax return (form 5010-R) (2019 or 2020)
  • BC business registration number and official registered name


If you meet all the eligibility requirements for this BC eCommerce grant and are interested in applying, click here

How can The Answer Company help? 

Since The Launch program’s funds must use one or more BC-based service provider(s) to build or improve their online store, we’re qualified and available to help you expand your business online. The Answer Company is a BC-based company that has had over 25 years of experience helping small- and mid-sized businesses scale their operations through technology. We can help you expand your online business by integrating eCommerce and POS systems such as Shopify, Lightspeed and CommerceBuild into advanced Enterprise Resource Planning solutions like Sage X3, Sage 300, Sage Intacct and Acumatica (platform subscription costs can be funded by this grant).

If you’d like to learn more about how you can expand into new online territories, contact us to book a free demonstration.