Whether you’re manufacturing cars, industrial equipment or toys, the ultimate goal is to be able to produce a high volume of goods with minimal complexity and cost. Sage X3 for manufacturing provides robust tools that support discrete manufacturers with assemble to order, make to order and make to stock. Benefit from robust inventory and process management so you can improve visibility and timelines while reducing cost and waste.

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An ERP can be wonderful, but it’s not a panacea. It needs to be balanced with other strategic operational approaches. Our eBook looks at how manufacturers feel about their ERPs, and some of the ways they can move beyond it.

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  • Accurate Insight into Cost & Processes

    Managing the budget for your products is a delicate balance which is easily upset without clear insight into all of the surrounding costs. Sage X3 manufacturing provides tools for product cost accounting, equipping you with a consistent & accurate view of your bottom line by comparing the product costs to things like overhead, labour, and materials. Additionally, project management features enable you to automate key processes to save time and keep things running smoothly.

  • Minimize Waste and Deliver On Time

    Running out of stock of material can bring production to a screeching halt. The advanced inventory management built into Sage X3 enables you to set up ordering thresholds so you can restock material before it runs out. Beyond keeping your manufacturing processes running smoothly and your products delivered on time, this also safeguards against overstocking items that aren't required or being used.

  • Improve Customer Relationships

    When a customer reaches out for an update they expect that you'll have the information they're looking for, however fragmented systems that don't communicate can lead to customers being provided with incomplete or even incorrect information. Sage X3 for manufacturing manages all of your core business processes in one complete solution, from CRM to inventory, financials and project management. Having a centralized systems empowers your staff to take advantage of company-wide visibility and workflow - keeping both your customers and your co-workers happy.

  • Quality Control & Traceability

    Your products are the face of your company, so you want to do everything in your power to prevent broken, damaged, or sub-par products from ever reaching your customers. Sage X3's robust quality control features are integrated into processes to detect and alert you when the standards you've specified haven't been met. Even so, sometimes product issues are only discovered after your products have reached your customers. Should this unfortunately happen, the enterprise management solution has advanced traceability features enabling you to easily track down the batch in question and recall products with ease.