As a distribution company, it’s vital for you to seamlessly integrate new suppliers and sourced products into your supply chain. You need quick access to data regarding inventory, orders, shipments and suppliers as this means controlling your costs and quickly processing orders. Sage X3 allows you to streamline warehouse operations, manage pricing and promotion and to better serve customers.

                                               Sage X3 For Distribution

  • Shipping and Container Management

    Track import activity, and provide an accurate view of material availability with Sage X3 Import Tracking functionality. Unpredictable circumstances that can occur when moving large containers by land and sea are easily managed, and shipments updated with this quick and powerful solution.

  • Enable a Mobile Workforce

    Enable your team to work remotely with an app that harnesses the robust functionality of Sage X3. Sales reps now have the ability to input and access customer data immediately with this mobile app that supports key sales processes and workflow. Enable team members to act on opportunities by utilizing access to inventory availability, tools to create sales quotes, and execute orders in real-time on an iPad.

  • Built-in WH Management Functionality with ADC

    Sage X3 enables companies to efficiently manage warehouse operations. With out-of-the-box functionality for automated data collection, you have the ability to speed up receiving through optimized location management, and directed put-away. Increase processing time as well as customer satisfaction while reducing overhead costs and eliminating error-prone redundant manual processes. Streamline staffing operations with tools for pick planning and scheduling, directed picking, and palletized picking, all while measuring performance with labor tracking tools.

  • Inter-company Sales

    Companies with a common frame of reference can use Sage X3 to apply management rules to a multi-company, multi-site, and multi-legislation structure. Distribution companies with multiples entities can save time and reduce errors with improved control over inter-company transactions. The enterprise management software solution also provides a consolidated view of operations, and automatic generation of inter-company sales and purchase flows.

  • Revise Stocking Patterns

    Inventory is dependent upon the demand as well as the supply chain delivery time. Sage X3 provides insight into your inventory movement which prevents over-stocking of inventory and increases efficiencies in the system.

  • Understand your Inventory Types

    Optimized inventory systems take into account the unique parameters of each item stocked. Sage X3 factors-in critical characteristics such as pricing, shelf-life and sales frequencies to help your company effectively manage inventory.

Harness the data you collect to optimize your distribution operations.

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How Sage X3 Helped BC-based Distributor, Lykki.

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