Sage Intacct is the number one cloud accounting software designed to provide hotels and restaurants with the speed, accuracy, and insights they need to be one step ahead in the hospitality industry. By streamlining back office processes and elevating financial reporting, hospitality finance teams can dramatically cut their hours spent on manual calculations and direct that time to fixing bottlenecks illustrated through operational and financial insights. Sage Intacct cloud ERP is designed to increase efficiency in the hospitality industry, while holding flexibility to be customized to your business. For full services or quick service, independent or franchise model, and on-location or headquarters, Sage Intacct provides real-time visibility for proactive management and data-driven growth. 

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  • Real-Time Visibility

    Sage Intacct’s high-speed cloud ERP solution collects and stores data from all your entities in real-time. With seamless cloud performance, managers and executives can view real-time data from wherever they are. With a few clicks, understand the causes behind a certain location’s occupancy, profitability, and budgeting numbers.

  • Multi-Location Consolidations

    A shared chart of accounts allows for continual consolidation of financial and operational data of all your entities. Sage Intacct is designed to calculate insights across multiple different entities, locations, brands, services, and currencies for international businesses. Discover real-time insights into your locations’ profitability and oversee performance on the go.

  • Financial and Operational Automations

    Sage Intacct replaces tedious number-crunching and Excel-spreadsheets with automated financial reporting. Pre-set various KPI configurations for your reports, so you don’t have to sift through an overload of numbers to see what’s most important. Automate processes, including inventory orders and customer service systems to truly boost efficiency.

  • Customized Dashboards

    Role-based dashboards capture financial and operational information that is most important for CFOs, COOs, or assorted stakeholders. See an overview of all your locations, or filter dashboard data by location, source, and low-level dimensions like meal type. Easily view weekly, monthly, or annual comparisons, and see a detailed drilldown of aspects causing increases or decreases in numbers.

  • Smart Insights

    Sage Intacct not only calculates key metrics like revenue per square foot and labour as a percentage of sales, it also allows you to investigate the causes of poor performance. With these easily identified observations, hospitality executives can make smart cost-saving decisions, such as scheduling fewer employees during slow times.

  • Open API Software Integrations

    Open API connection allows hotels and restaurants to easily integrate various systems including HRIS, property and reservation management, and inventory control. You can integrate your hospitality service’s POS system so that each day’s transactions flow directly into your Sage Intacct ERP, eliminating the need for manually entering the data. Configure the reporting you need with data from all your different systems.

  • Budgeting & Spend Management

    To set budgets on certain items, set weekly or monthly spend caps on these inventory items with Sage Intacct. Managers placing inventory orders can click into insights to see how far along they are in the monthly budget and receive alerts when the budget has been reached. This allows managers to set different cost controls across different locations and services.

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