Mining, Gas and Oil companies really do have a stacked deck of challenges, including harsh terrain, tight regulation, and work that requires sheer grit. The last thing that these companies need are ineffective processes and unconnected information systems. With an ERP, you can grow your operation and maintain compliance and high standards of employee safety. Compliance checks, machinery maintenance logs, staff data, payables and payroll are all managed in one central location, freeing up time and money.

How ERP Solves Mining, Oil and Gas Supplier Pain Points


  • Fixed Asset Tracking and Maintenance

    Mining, oil, and gas companies need to adhere to stringent occupational and environmental safety regulations and minimize the total costs involved in the acquisition, operations as well as maintenance of equipment. With an advanced ERP solution, gain the functionality to minimize unplanned downtime and plan for maintenance to keep equipment and fleet in working condition to maximize profits.

  • Managing RIsks

    In the mining, oil, and gas industry there can be a substantial amount of risk involved. The challenge for managers is how to access, manage, and mitigate the risk. With a modern ERP, managers can have access to useful analytics that enable managers to predict the likely outcomes of a project, and in the process avert costly and time-consuming mistakes. When it comes to reliability, ERP software has business intelligence that can help you schedule and manage every process with utmost safety, minimizing any chances of mishaps occurring.

  • Increasing Demand and Changing Regulations

    Not only do mining, oil, and gas managers have to quickly supply the increasing demand for their commodity, they also have to manage the always-changing regulations. With an agile and flexible mining, oil, and ERP software solution, you can simplify the process and customize the solution to your needs. Additionally, ERP systems can help provide cautious warehouse and supply chain management for your commodities.

  • Employee Performance

    Workers may be scattered across various locations, making it difficult for mining, oil, and gas companies to track and follow their performance. With modern ERP software, managers can easily analyze through reports and follow the performance of each employee. In addition to tracking performance, an ERP solution can help managers schedule shifts and calculate salary automatically to avoid human errors

The Benefits of ERP for Mining, Oil and Gas Suppliers

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  • Efficient Project Management & Resource Allocation

    With modern ERP software for the mining, oil, and gas industry, you can easily track project progress. Have greater control over your resources, such as determining which workers have been allocated to which sites and which workers are the most effective to work on certain tasks. Additionally, workers can be given access to the ERP and update the project status on their own. A mining, oil, and gas ERP solution will allow workers to focus more on their responsibilities.

  • Analytics for Production, Costing, and Sales

    Provide every business user, executive, and manager the ability to create a view of data that is customized to their needs. Easily analyze data and create an accurate and detailed picture of what is going on in all areas of your business, including sales, operations, and costing analysis. Modern mining, oil, and gas ERP solutions go beyond the world of spreadsheets and report writers to provide an intuitive, unified view of integrated data from various sources.

  • Better Asset Management

    It is essential for mining, oil, and gas suppliers to manage their equipment properly. With an ERP solution, there are Enterprise Asset Management modules that provide the functionality to minimize unplanned and costly down-time and help plan for maintenance to keep your equipment and fleet in supreme working order to maximize profits. Assets throughout your company and various locations can be easily tracked and automatically scheduled for maintenance.

  • Inter-Company Transactions

    A modern ERP software provides a consolidated view of operations, as well as an automatic generation of inter-company sales and purchase flows. Utilize a common frame of reference and management rules for a multi-company, multi-site, and multi-legislation structure. Reduce errors with control over inter-company transactions, which makes a considerable difference in efficiency and profitability.

  • Controlled Finances and Accounting

    One of the most important benefits from a mining, oil, and gas ERP solution is better-controlled finances. Gain the ability to forecast demand and accurately predict your revenue and expenses. A mining, oil, and gas ERP software can also help you manage your budget, and identify areas for potential savings. Make your company more profitable, by reducing operating costs and utilizing a modern ERP.

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