The demand for lower prices and greater regulatory reach in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals is tough enough. Companies must also still focus on improving thinning pipelines and managing rising operational costs. As the industry continues to transform, companies can benefit from incorporating all business processes into one software solution. Powerful ERPs track your whole product journey, from inventory and ordering to formula management, financials, machinery maintenance and import/export of the finished goods.

How ERP Solves Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Pain Points


  • Supply Chain Traceability

    Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies are expected from customers and regulators to offer complete traceability from sourcing to distributing. With an ERP designed for the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical industry, companies can more effectively manage their purchasing, inventory, and integrated sales in order to optimize their supply chain operations and traceability.

  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements

    Complying with regulations is always a challenge. Guidelines are always being implemented and updated making it difficult for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies to keep track. A modern ERP software helps companies comply with information requirements for government reporting (such as the Bioterrorism ACT and 21 CFR Part II), saving time and money for businesses. By structuring the software around operational processes, a Pharma ERP software solution delivers a convenient and efficient way of gathering, monitoring, and accessing relevant process information that eliminates manual procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Formula Tracking

    For nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies there is a need to constantly improve products. Every product begins with formula creation, having the ability to track and revise these formulas is crucial. An ERP software can provide you with a formula tracking system that gives you the ability to scale batches and formulas so you can produce large quantities in a single manufacturing run. Additionally, an ERP has the capability to track the lot number of ingredients in each formula as well as ingredients used to make other ingredients.

  • Inventory Control

    Managing inventory in any company can be difficult; however, pharmaceutical companies having to deal with the material and product expiration makes it even more challenging. Basic, FIFO and LIFO inventory methods are not adequate. Pharmaceutical ERP software allows you to set up inventory picking based on expiration dates. This minimizes the number of products or materials that expire before a sale and can be integrated with tracking technology to provide even more control over your inventory.

The Benefits of ERP for Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Organizations

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  • Lot Traceability

    The best Pharmaceutical ERP solutions provide your business with the assurance that all your processes and operations are monitored in real-time. With real-time tracking, you can ensure quality control & compliance, minimize distribution costs, and handle recalls with lightning speed. Gain full control and visibility into your inventory which is critical when dealing with sensitive or hard-to-access information. Through the solutions complete forward and backward lot traceability and maintenance of full audit trail, businesses have access to a comprehensive historical record of transactions for multiple years.

  • Allergens

    Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical companies are under a lot of pressure from customers and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) to track ingredients and products accurately. Implementing a modern ERP enables tracking of ingredients and products. Additionally, companies can learn the most effective methods to update processes and enable easy recalls.

  • Recipes Management

    In this highly competitive industry, it is important to keep a well-managed recipe and formula system that allows your information to evolve in real-time. Improve your decision-making abilities by having up-to-date information at your fingertips and increase productivity by defining your own rules and procedures for handling irregular events.

  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements

    Pharmaceutical companies need to comply with information requirements for government reporting. With modern ERP software, you can save time and money for your business. Gain the ability to conveniently and efficiently gather, monitor, and access relevant process information and eliminate manual procedures throughout your manufacturing process.

  • QA/QC Processing

    Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical ERP software provides control processes through advanced functionality that rigorously enforces inspection to assure item conformance to any user-defined characteristics, operational tolerance, or expected results.

  • Cost Group Analysis

    Pharmaceutical companies can now regulate expenses and pricing with the changing market and factor these changes into critical decision making. With a modern ERP solution, you can stay ahead of volatile pricing fluctuations with fast reporting. Using business intelligence you can forecast trends in consumer demand which reduces overstock and ensures you have the right products and ingredients on hand to satisfy your customers and make an appreciable difference to your bottom line.

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