IT Services can help customize Sage ERP

It’s no surprise that today’s ERP and CRM software are powerful business-process tools designed to help departments throughout enterprise-sized companies, and SMBs, run more efficiently.

Also, and as Gartner points out, a common benefit comes in the form of cost-savings in IT related services: less time spent managing third-party software, and more focus on a single data-base management system.

But the need to customize, and integrate those third-party applications with Sage ERP still exists. More importantly, the process become even more critical as new versions and upgrades are released.

Gartner predicts that by 2016 existing ERP systems will become “legacy ERP” platforms due to the burdensome nature of too much customizing; this, in light of the trend moving to the cloud for SaaS.

“The unbundling and dissassembling of ERP megasystems has actually been taking place for close to a decade now…”

The future will see less reliance on a “one big honking ERP suite,” notes the research firm:

“The concept of a single ERP suite…has been replaced by a hybrid ERP approach that combines cloud point solutions with a smaller “core” of on-premises ERP function, such as financials and manufacturings.”

Because of this shift, it is more critical that support services for Sage ERP are sought out by business owners, CIOs and other stakeholders. In short, companies may always have a need to customize their Sage software both for on-premise as well as online offerings.

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