Nucleus Research reveals leading ERP Solutions for 2018

The software your business uses provides the foundation for how data is stored, processes are designed, departments communicate and more. It can empower your business to grow at an accelerated rate, maximizing return on investment (ROI), but in some cases it can be the equivalent of a money sucking cement block that weighs your business down . It’s safe to assume no business ever wants to find themselves in the latter situation.

So much of what you hear about enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is geared towards convincing you to buy the solution, and as the buyer often you can feel burdened with the responsibility of trying to sift through the facts to figure out which solutions actually provide the most value, and are the best fit for your business. That can be a lot. Working with a trusted solutions partner is an essential step towards making this assessment, but in addition to that you can depend on research conducted by third party, fact-driven institutions such as Nucleus Research or Aberdeen. These third parties provide neutral assessments of market-leading ERP solutions to help you determine what the best options are.

Nucleus Research: ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018

Nucleus Research conducts an annual report that evaluates ERP vendors and the value that product capabilities bring to customers. This year vendors offering cloud solutions dominated the market leaders, offering a high level of both flexibility and scalability coupled with robust functionality.

The value matrix is split into four sections: Leader, Facilitator, Core Providers and Expert. The ERP leaders are recognized for providing technology that has the greatest level of usability, combined with the best functionality. This year Acumatica was spotlighted as the top leader in the matrix, cited for triple-digit growth, leading scores for usability, and several industry vertical offerings including commerce, manufacturing, field services and in the last year, the addition of construction and distribution. Following Acumatica was Infor CloudSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle Netsuite, SAP S/4Hana and SYSPRO.

nucleus erp matrix

Acumatica is set apart for its high usability and flexibility, along with steady improvements that have already been made, and will continue to be made to each of its vertical solutions with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction. These improvements largely stem from direct feedback that Acumatica receives regularly from its customers, enabling them to quickly address the wants and needs of the people that are actually using their solution.

This doesn’t automatically mean that Acumatica is the best solution for every business across any industry, it simply means that across the board it is a market leader. In order to determine the best solution for your business it is always recommended that you undergo a discovery with a solutions partner, to conduct a detailed investigation into your business needs and goals to best determine the optimal solution for you.

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