5 Ways to Conquer Your Challenges with Distribution ERP

Over the past two years, distributors have demonstrated they are among the most agile, adaptable companies in the world. They have to be in order to survive. As a distributor, you’re used to solving problems using the tools you have available, getting tasks done, and moving on to the next challenge. But as you look to grow and scale your operations, it makes smart business sense to find efficient, technology-based solutions to those challenges. Distribution ERP applications, like Sage X3, promise to help you conquer your distribution challenges. Here are five challenges Distribution ERP is ready to tackle. 


1. Challenge: Disparate systems rob you of a comprehensive view

We get it — you’ve got legacy systems, disconnected applications, and a bunch of spreadsheets that help you run the business. Each has a specific job, but with business data held in multiple disconnected applications, it’s nearly impossible to gain a comprehensive view of your operations. 

Solution: An integrated view of the operation

Distribution ERP applications like Sage X3 deliver both broad and high-specific functionality that, for most of our clients, completely eliminates the need for ancillary systems. And with all the data in one powerful database, you’ve got one integrated source of the truth and one place to look for answers. 


2. Challenge: Your workforce is more mobile than ever 

Mobile capabilities are practically table stakes for today’s business applications. Not only are our workforces working remotely some (or all) of the time, but they’re also working on their mobile devices. 

Solution: Mobile capabilities deliver efficiency

Distribution ERP, like Sage X3, delivers robust mobile capabilities that empower employees to be productive anywhere they work. Its native mobile interface allows you to check inventory, take customer orders, approve purchases, and view KPIs on the go.


3. Challenge: Right-sizing inventory holdings

Carrying excess inventory is expensive and wasteful. However, lately, with supply chains uprooted, you might find your business on the other side of the equation — unable to keep your shelves stocked. 

Solution: Optimizing inventory preserves cash

With end-to-end supplier management and real-time monitoring of inventory status, Distribution ERP applications give you the tools to improve and automate inventory management and demand planning. An optimized inventory reduces carrying costs while ensuring you’ve placed reorders just in time. 


4. Challenge: Lacking a cohesive customer view affects service levels

Providing superior customer service and sales support is a business imperative, but more challenging when your staff lacks a cohesive view of the customer journey. 

Solution: Integrated CRM paints a complete customer picture

Some Distribution ERP applications, including Sage X3, offer integrated CRM capabilities so your teams can track new sales opportunities, better connect with existing customers, and provide a higher level of support.


5. Challenge: Lack of real-time data slows decision making

Business software applications collect and store a tremendous amount of data, but if you cannot bring that data to life — in real-time — it loses its ability to inform and guide strategic decisions in the organization.

Solution: Connected business insights promote better decision making

Offering powerful business intelligence, real-time analytics, and user-defined dashboards, Distribution ERP applications support better, faster decision making.


Choosing the right ERP for your distribution business is an important decision. Sage X3 is designed to meet the challenges distribution companies face. Review this infographic to read more about how Sage X3 specifically helps distributors conquer the challenges outlined here. We also invite you to connect with one of our distribution industry experts here

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