Sage 300 ERP a Great Solution for Non-Profits

Like any business, non-profit companies often start small. Information technology solutions may be a home brew of off the shelf applications, standard office suites, and whatever resources seem to work as the company grows. A growing non-profit finds that these hodgepodge solutions become unwieldy and may inhibit the ability to respond quickly to new challenges and situations. Sage 300 ERP offers a great solution for Non-Profits.

What is ERP? Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that addresses the all the needs of growing business. ERP is modular, so that as a non-profit grows additional modules can be added to address needs.

What types of modules are available? Accounting, customer relationship management, shipping and distribution and more are the basic components.

Because all the components are modular, various departments may use a single component, but the tools to analyze data from all the components and gather organizational intelligence is available to people who need to see the broad overview of the the data.

Sage 300 ERP is the system that we offer at The Answer Company. Sage 300 is powerful and flexible, one of the most powerful ERP systems available today. Non-profits are replacing their old collection of tools with this modern system to accommodate new processes and needs. No more spreadsheets of data maintained by various departments to track customers. Get rid of accounting applications built for families to track their household budgets, Sage 300 ERP provides you with serious business tools meant for organizations that are growing. Finally software that grows with your non-profit.
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