Sage 300 ERP for Non-Profits ideal for implementing “donor loyalty” programs.

Leadership demands for non-profits are constantly challenged in an age when monitoring revenue from donors, or writing grants, requires the right software programs.

Unfortunately, for many, the programs of choice may include not one, but two or three applications. Excel may be used to enter membership on one spreadsheet, and donor amounts on another. In both cases, the information resides in an isolated file not easily accessible by other staff, or volunteers, from other desktop PCs…or, when authorized, by mobile devices.

Financial reports are only as good as the accuracy—and completeness–of the data entered, leaving board members to question the viability of their organization.

What’s needed, is a single database management system that integrates seamlessly with many programs within one platform.

The Sage 300 ERP for Non-Profits was developed to provide a range of fund accounting solutions; donor and grant management as well as monitoring fund raising programs via on-premise, or through an array of mobile devices.

Organizations enjoy the benefit of not having to customize the software—often the case when using QuickBooks or other off-the-shelf programs.

How important is it for non-profits to track proceeds not only from new donors, but also those groups showing the loyalty with re-giving?

According to a Sage survey conducted last year, 69% of non-profits were actually “unsure” about the existence of any “donor loyalty” programs in the their organization: only 31% said they had an ongoing, “formal program or strategy.”

No surprise, but one of the biggest challenges organizations are faced with is getting their programs cut. Overall, their mission is tied to “reducing costs without impacting services,” and a reason to embrace a Sage 300 ERP for Non-Profits platform that is developed to do just that.

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