Sage X3 Training Videos to Grow Your Business

In The Answer Company’s Exclusive Sage X3 Training Videos, learn about Sage X3 Fixed Assets, Sage X3 Dashboards, AP Automation, Demand Planning, Trade Spend Management, Sage Enterprise Intelligence, Sage Inventory Advisor, and more. 

Sage X3 ERP comprises many different modules and functionalities that are designed to boost efficiency and financial management capabilities in certain industries, including Manufacturing, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Professional Services, and more. This ERP helps mid-sized businesses automate their accounting, streamline purchasing and sales tasks, and manage inventory from anywhere. Designed for international expansion, Sage X3 ERP is able to incorporate multiple currencies, languages, locations, all in one system.

When it comes to using a modern ERP solution like Sage X3 with countless customization functionalities, understanding how to optimize your solution to better serve your team can go a long way. In our exclusive client event, Propel 2021, The Answer Company aimed to deliver sessions that helped businesses gain an even higher proficiency in their technology. The following on-demand Sage X3 training videos and webinars are now available on-demand.


The Answer Company Custom ERP Software Solutions

To add to Sage X3’s capabilities as a multi-dimensional business management software, The Answer Company experts have created our own proprietary connectors, integrations, and solutions for Sage X3. Some of these were deployed for a one-time project for an organization, while others can be adapted to be used for all Sage X3 users. In this session, we walk through some of our solutions created with Sage X3 that can be leveraged by other Sage X3 users.  


Using the Sage X3 Fixed Assets Module

The Sage X3 Fixed Assets module is a powerful tool that allows you to easily manage all stages of your fixed assets, including planning, depreciation, and tracking. In this webinar, Brandon Gabert, one of The Answer Company’s Sage X3 experts, walks through how to prepare year-end financials, allocate costs, calculate depreciation, eliminate redundant data entry, and store digital images of key asset records such as purchase orders, warranty information and insurance records.


Sage X3 and Demand Planning

Optimizing your forecasting can take your business forward many steps, and there are a few great forecasting tools. Designed for business forecasters across all industries, Forecast Pro allows end-users to create statistically-based accurate demand forecasts that can be quickly and easily imported into Sage X3, all at an affordable cost. Another option is Sage Inventory Advisor, the high-security, advanced inventor planner that generates accurate real-time forecasts, helping businesses reduce stock-outs, excess inventory, and working capital. What’s the best option for your business? In this session, Sage X3 consultant, Steve Namen, does a comparison between Forecast Pro and Sage Inventory Advisor. 


Trade Spend Management in Sage X3

Trade spend claims made by retailers and partners under a sales agreement can add up to 10% of your company’s annual sales, and managing this can take significant amounts of time. The Answer Company’s Trade Spend Management solution for Sage X3 gives detailed insight into your company’s trade deals, allows you to manage spend, and prevents customers taking an amount greater than allowed in their contact.


Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) and Sage X3

Nectari redefines the meaning of business intelligence (BI) and how it can assist your business’s growth goals. This comprehensive BI solution pushes you to make decisions that are data-driven and backed by up-to-minute information. In this session, learn more about Nectari’s advanced functions when paired with Sage X3, that allow you to access data across all of your sources and seamlessly report, analyze, and see customized metrics. 


Optimizing your Warehouse with Sage Inventory Advisor

In this session, Darren Redies, Director of Pre-Sales and Solution Design, presents an overview of Sage Inventory Advisor and how it can benefit your business. Sage Inventory Advisor is the cloud inventory management solution that helps managers make quicker and smarter decisions based on accurate data. This solution allows you to manage dashboards designed for your business, make accurately forecasted orders with one click, and manage distributions from a centralized location. 


Setting Up and Using Dashboards in Sage X3

Sage X3 allows users to create eye-catching data visualizations that actually tell a story based on your data. Being able to customize your dashboard saves you a lot of time for when you need an understanding of how certain aspects of your business are performing. This webinar covers how to add a query to a dashboard and present events on a calendar, among several other useful features. 


Creating Reports in SEI and Sage X3

Intelligent reports containing all manner of data collected by your ERP is the best way to see where your company is at the moment, so you can plan better for the future. In this session, The Answer Company’s Sage X3 expert, Vigoss Zhang, does a deep-dive into Sage X3’s built-in report-building functions for end-users. Learn how to drag and drop fields to create new reports, click values to apply filters, and schedule to send reports.


Creating Reports in SEI and Sage X3 – Advanced

If you’ve mastered how to create customized reports with Sage X3, further your Sage X3 training by learning hands-on-tricks in Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI). Demonstrated in detail by Vigoss Zhang, the tricks shown in this webinar allow you to design processes, set up cubes and slices, add information pages, and more. 


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