The Answer Company – a top Canadian Sage and Acumatica partners with Walden Group

The Answer Company –a top Canadian Sage and Acumatica partner – are delighted to announce a new working partnership with the Walden Group. The Group chose The Answer Company to help them begin a digital transformation of their operational processes. The main element of the transformation is a move to Acumatica, a cloud-based ERP software that is ideal for complicated manufacturing operations.

After a consultation period, The Walden Group went into partnership with The Answer Company based on their industry expertise, deep product knowledge, and their commitment to putting people first.

“We were impressed with the flexibility of Acumatica and how it could fit every aspect of our business, across three different companies. The team from The Answer Company, and their partners were very knowledgeable about the software and best practices, the team was very easy to work with despite the on-going global pandemic”

The Walden Group is comprised of three manufacturing companies, an organizational structure that can be complicated to manage, especially in a manufacturing capacity. The Answer Company’s team has over 25 years of experience in the space and knew the hurdles they would face, and how to tackle them.

“We’re excited to have the chance to work with The Walden Group. We share common values, including a high quality of service to our customers and a desire to exceed expectations. Sharing these cornerstone values means that they will be embedded, at every step, into the new processes that the Group and our team will establish”, said The Answer Company CEO, Shawn Ostheimer. “We look forward to working with The Walden Group for many years to come, supporting the growth that we are sure the Group will see in the next few years.”

About The Walden Group.

With over 30 years of experience, The Walden Group has established itself an industry leader in turn-key solutions, specializing in the electrical, industrial, and mining sectors. The Walden Group holds a long-standing reputation for completing projects on time, delivering products within budget, and standing behind the service and product we support.  Our goal is to ensure that your project meets and exceeds all regulations, expectations, and budgetary constraints.