Three Ways Sage X3 ERP for Food and Beverage Manufacturing Drives Performance

The food and beverage manufacturing industry experienced the pandemic differently than many other sectors of the economy. With sales up 12%, the food and beverage industry thrived. And while 2021 continues to look promising, food and beverage manufacturers are not sitting back and watching the money roll in. Instead, many actively invest in their business technology to scale profitably, taking full advantage of a rebounding economy. One key technology investment is  ERP for food and beverage manufacturing.

The Aberdeen Group recently studied over 100 food and beverage companies, learning how the best-in-class performers use their ERP applications to drive performance at every level. There’s much to learn from the Aberdeen study — for example, best-in-class food and beverage manufacturers see twice the profitability and three-times the productivity than their lesser-performing peers. You can view an infographic from the study here. Significantly, the study highlighted three areas where ERP is positively impacting F&B manufacturers, generating long-term productivity and profitability. 


Boost Quality and Food Safety

A continual focus on quality and food safety is not simply a good business practice — it’s a necessity. Increasingly, consumers are demanding more information about the safety of their food products. They also expect quality and consistency, or they’ll quickly switch brands. But it’s not just consumers that food and beverage manufacturers need to please. Food safety is highly regulated, making product testing, quality controls, and traceability all imperative. An ERP designed for the food and beverage industry includes the functionality necessary to support your organization’s quality and safety protocols.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Food and beverage regulations change frequently, but the key to compliance is data. Manufacturers must be able to track ingredients and finished products forward and backward — and produce that tracking data upon request. It would be nearly impossible for food and beverage manufacturers to perform the detailed level of testing and tracking necessary to ensure regulatory compliance with a purpose-built ERP application. 


Gain Business Agility

A successful business is an agile one. In the food and beverage industry, agility helps manufacturers quickly — and even proactively — respond to relevant business information. 

The key to agility is the ability to make smart use of timely, accurate business data. An ERP for food and beverage manufacturing allows you to configure automated alerts, gain visibility into costs, automate workflows, collaborate with suppliers and customers, perform accurate demand and supply planning, reduce waste, and much more. 


Sage X3 is an ERP designed to meet the unique demands of food and beverage manufacturers.

We invite you to explore Sage X3’s capabilities for F&B and connect with us to start a conversation about how we can bring out the best-in-class in your organization, together.



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