Tracking Holiday Employees Made Easy for Small and Medium Sized Business with Sage HRMS

Businesses large and small hire extra help for the holiday shopping season to handle last-minute and deal-searching customers. Most large companies have a robust Human Resources department, but there are small and medium sized businesses that do not have an HR department capable of handling an influx of temporary or part-time employees – if they have an HR department at all.

Medium sized businesses especially need to have a strong HR system in place. They already have a larger number of permanent employees, and possibly more than one business location to staff. With anticipated retail growth during the holiday season, these businesses need a way to track payroll, identify scheduling needs, and stay in compliance with local and federal labour standards. Businesses may also want to keep certain employees beyond the holiday season, so offering attractive incentives such as direct deposit and an online self-service HR portal may entice quality applicants.

The Answer Company tailors Sage HRMS software for your small or medium sized business that will grow with you. By having a Human Resources Management system in place that is customized for your business, you can focus on hiring those extra employees who will best serve your holiday customers. As a partner in your business’s growth, The Answer Company will help you attract and maintain top talent for your business.

Once you have hired your holiday staff, Sage HRMS solutions is designed to help every member of your team through payroll management, scheduling, training, and reporting. The intuitive interface of Sage HRMS solutions allows you to do more in less time. You will also be able to protect both your employees and your business by staying current with government mandates and monitoring benefits, safety, and training analysis.

As your small or medium sized business grows, provide your business with an HR solution it deserves. Rely on The Answer Company to help you build and implement HR best practices. Please contact us today for a more information.