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A New Era in Time Entry

December 9, 2020 : 11:00 am (PST)

Wednesday, December 9th at  11:00 AM PST

For most service-based businesses, time is money. Whether you bill time and expense or fixed fee, tracking how your team spends their time is both a critical task and a never-ending battle. Challenges in time entry can directly lead to revenue leakage, inaccurate pricing, unbalanced staffing, delays in cash flow and monthly close.

A new era in time entry!

A revolution in timesheets is providing a technology leap that is as big as the transition from paper time slips to digital. Using a personal AI Time Assistant, your team can complete their time entry in half the time and double the accuracy.
What we will cover:
  • How AI time entry works
  • Use cases and examples
  • Impacts for various billing types
  • How to get AI timesheets
Join Sage Intacct as we highlight this dynamic new feature that is solving the age old problems associated with time entry.