Distribution ERP Software: Can It Be The Missing Link?

Sometimes the simple things in the business world are overlooked or ignored because of all the pressure. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can bring in more benefits to customers. When we think about making customers happy, some businesses may only think about the many values of effective customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is important to having true relationships with customers that will make them happy. Don’t get us wrong, customer relationship management is important to preserving those relationships, but so is adequately doing business with the customers.

We have all probably been irritated with bad customer service or bad service in general, and if it occurs often then we seek elsewhere to purchase our products from a different supplier. Some people may be able to tolerate certain things for a small period of time because everyone makes a mistake sometimes, right? Customers do have choices, and they have the options to do something about it. That option may be to choose another supplier.

There may need to be an improvement in the control of warehouse or there needs to be an improvement in managing your inventory. There may be a need to implement a complete distribution software solution to meet the needs of the complexities of managing the supply chain.  A Distribution ERP software an help make the buying and selling decisions more informed, an improvement in customer service, and an opportunity to save money.

Distributors are faced with different challenges on a daily basis. There should be a quick response to all changes in the distribution industry, as well as dealing with all of the heavy demands of customers.

With Distribution ERP software in place, you will know what you have in stock and where exactly it is located. If the items are not in stock, it will be placed on back order. When it is on back order, the software can assign a purchase order to the sales order. When the purchase order is assigned, no one one else can allocate the stock. This is essential because the staff and customers will not be frustrated because someone else has used the stock for someone else’s order. When the items the customer do not want are in stock, you can offer an alternative to the customers to help satisfy their needs.

Distribution ERP software will be able to understand the distribution needs of a business. The software solution will make your business more organized and more productive, and it does not matter what the size of your channel is. For more information on Distribution ERP software and what it can offer your business, contact us.