One of the biggest challenges commerce businesses face when scaling is the ability to connect their ERP with third-party systems and avoid data silos. A single source of truth is not only important for a strategic and immediate decision-making, but it’s also critical in ensuring that customers are always viewing a site that is up-to-second accurate in terms of inventory, offers, and product information. Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition is the scalable and customizable ERP that helps retailers of all sizes streamline their operations, while eliminating the need for extra development costs. 

Discover why three unique commerce companies abandoned their old solution for Acumatica, and how the advanced cloud ERP has allowed them to grow with ease.

Saddleback Leather

Saddleback Leather was founded by Dave Munson, a man in search of a leather bag like the ones Indiana Jones carried. What started as selling bags on eBay has grown into a full-fledged leather goods company with a team of over 250 and a popular online store. But as the company scaled its business, the team found that their existing solution would require 14 developers just to make it work for their operations, or connect with external systems like Magento.

The Saddleback team selected Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition for a number of significant reasons, the primary one being Acumatica’s open API, which made it easy for developers to code in custom modules and integrations. With Acumatica’s advanced features and easy integration with external systems like BigCommerce, Saddleback Leather reduced their technology costs by 33%, while gaining 10 times the functionality. They also achieved much clearer financial visibility, with real-time metrics and reports, for a single version of truth. To top it off, the software’s user-friendliness, consumption-based pricing, and mobile-enablement demonstrated that it was a solution that was ready for a future of company growth.

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Founded in 1988, Ink is one of the top screen-printing companies in the US. During its busiest season, the company produces over 10,000 high-quality custom-print t-shirts per day for companies, organizations, and events. As the business scaled, it struggled with many insufficient ERP solutions and juggled multiple disconnected systems just to keep its shop operating. After trying Everest, Cyrious’ Control, and several other software solutions, they realized they needed a solution that could match the pace of the company’s growth. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP allowed Ink to streamline their printing operations and project scheduling with an integration with PrintShop. The company gained up-to-minute business insights that helped managers make better decisions. The new ERP solution saved the team a lot of time, through automating processes, eliminating manual double entries due to disconnected systems, and connecting with other useful applications. With Acumatica’s open API, they were able to integrate many other third-party systems, including Shopify, ShipStation, and eBizCharge. As a company that’s been in the distinct screen-printing industry for several decades, they found that Acumatica was the solution that helped them balance eCommerce, retail, distribution, and fulfillment, and financials, taking them ahead of their competitors.

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Shoebacca is an athletic shoes manufacturer and retailer, headquartered in Irving, Texas. In 2007, the company transitioned from reselling shoes on eBay to launching its own online store and website, offering many top shoe brands, such as Adidas, Converse, Asics, and many more. However, with Oracle Netsuite as its primary financial management platform, the company struggled to connect its ERP with its eCommerce platform, inventory management system, and third-party applications.

In search of a solution with easy customization and real-time data, they discovered Acumatica Cloud ERP. With the new solution, Shoebacca was able to integrate their online store, warehouse management system, and financial management software all into one centralized platform, eliminating cases of inaccurate info or double-entered data. A tighter control on inventory helped the company boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Acumatica’s resource-based pricing, as opposed to Netsuite’s user-based pricing, was far more ideal for a company that was growing quickly. Along with eliminating IT and development costs, Shoebacca was able to scale its business with ease, while reducing both costs and headaches. 

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