Double the Profitability Is on the Menu with Food and Beverage ERP

Food and Beverage ERP designed for the industry eases traceability, quality, and compliance challenges

Food and beverage manufacturers face supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and ever-more-demanding customers — all exacerbated by the pandemic. But there are three even more critical challenges that food and beverages manufacturers face year in and year out: traceability, quality, and compliance. To remain competitive and win the trust of customers, companies must find efficient and effective ways to ensure their products are consistently safe and completely traceable. That can all be done with an advanced food and beverage ERP like Sage X3

Aberdeen Strategy & Research recently surveyed over 100 food and beverage industry decision-makers on a variety of topics surrounding their effectiveness and performance — explicitly asking them how they’re using Food and Beverage ERP to improve that performance. Here’s a glimpse into the results of the survey. You can also check out this infographic with the Food and Beverage ERP survey results and additional information. 

How the best of the best are doing

The research giant categorized ‘Best-in-Class’ as those respondents who scored in the top 20% of companies, based on their performance in four key areas. Here’s how the best are doing: 

  1. Three-times the productivity over the past two years;
  2. Twice the profitability over the past two years;
  3. 16% more efficient in on-time deliveries; and
  4. 18% more likely to follow internal schedule compliance procedures.


Food and Beverage ERP is an ingredient of success 

Companies are turning to ERP designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers to hit those metrics — solutions that address traceability, quality, and compliance. And, as evidenced by the following metrics, ERP is working. Best-in-Class manufacturers are:

  • 50% more likely to have the ability to monitor regulatory compliance;
  • 38% more likely to have real-time access to inventory of raw materials, WIP, parts and tools, and finished goods; and
  • 28% more likely to have real-time visibility into the status of all processes.


Mix in an experienced partner for best results

Naturally, simply implementing ERP designed for the food and beverage industry won’t guarantee you’ll hit metrics like these. While the ERP provides the framework and workflows that support traceability, quality, and compliance, each manufacturer will need to define their own framework and establish the workflows that meet their company’s specific needs. It helps to work with a partner experienced in the food and beverage industry, one who knows first-hand how to achieve the best results from ERP. The Answer Company has a long history of success working with food and beverage manufacturers, and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how Sage X3 Food and Beverage ERP can help establish your organization as a best-in-class performer.

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