First Nations communities have specific needs when it comes to managing their band members, government reporting, asset tracking and family services. They also need strong financial tools to ensure that their communities are well taken care of. A cloud-based solution is also ideal for remote or hard-to-reach indigenous communities. This makes Sage Intacct the perfect accounting software for First Nations management.    


Benefits of Sage Intacct Accounting Software for First Nations

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  • Real-time Insight

    Intelligent dashboards let bands easily gain real-time insights into what is happening throughout the community. These dashboards can be customized and shared with specific stakeholders like executives, Councils and their Chiefs, administrators and anyone else that you may need to share information with. Strong financial reporting lets you compare and contrast your weekly budgets with your actuals, helping you ensure everything is running smoothly and pre-empt any future disruption.

  • Quick Consolidation

    Multi-tier and multi-entity management means all legal entities, as well as departments of your organization can be consolidated at the touch of a button. They can be reported on individually or as a whole. Sage Intacct’s advanced revenue recognition can tag and group revenue sources from the federal government, land treaties or other sources, making it easy to see where your money is coming from and where it is going.

  • Service Administration

    Services can be tracked and managed within the system, helping you dispatch the correct resources – be they financial or physical – to the correct members easily and quickly. Sage Intacct accounting software for First Nations is completely flexible and highly intuitive. Management of multiple programs, locations and entities is easy with the user-friendly interface.

  • Managing Assets

    Asset tracking is another key component of a First Nations solution. Track all financial and physical data regarding your assets (like houses, communal buildings, vehicles). This is valuable both from a financial perspective, but can also be used to track health and safety inspections or projects, repair and maintenance history, and occupation of buildings, where required. Monthly closes can use leverage automation based on fixed assets, eliminating manual effort.