Sage PFW vs Sage 300

Since March 31, 2014, Sage PFW has been retired. The Answer Company remains deeply committed to the success of organizations that have invested into this solution through the Sage Investment Protection Plan (SIPP).

Learn about the features in Sage 300 (Benefits over Sage PFW), some of which include:

Financials Bundle and General Platform

  •  System supports Pervasive, SQL Server, and Oracle database.
  • Built-in visual process flows provide easy-to-use navigation and workflow.
  • Web Portal access simplifies use and provides access to KPIs for executives without taking up a user count.
  • Drill-down function is available throughout financial modules, linking reporting calculations to the originating transactions, saving valuable time when researching results.
  • Unlimited user-defined fields can be created, adapting to unique business processes.
  • System is available in multiple languages and multiple legislations.
  • Account inquiries provide the ability to research activity, transaction history, and related information easily through a quick look-up screen.
  • Monthly closing processes are intuitive and easy.
  • National Account Management is included as part of core financials bundle.
  • General Ledger Financial Reporter is Excel-based reporting that is powerful and flexible.
  • Import/export options are available for almost every screen in Sage 300.
  • Sage CRM is significantly integrated into Sage 300.
  • System offers mobile applications including Sage Mobile Sales, Sage Mobile Service, and Sage Billing and Payments.
  • Built-in dashboard capabilities allow viewing of real-time information, user modifiable and all in one screen.
  • System scales to companies of all sizes with both online and on-premises options.
  • Updated and refreshed user interface and data entry screens are available in Sage 300 2014.

Distribution Bundle

  • Overall distribution modules are much stronger and include benefits such as:
  • Quick look-up of inventory statistics and inquiries.
    • Fully integrated sales orders/shipments/invoices accessible from customer screen.
    • Generation of purchase orders from a sales order, or autogeneration of purchase orders based off inventory levels.
    • Expanded functionality of Kits and Bills of Material.
    • Ability to enforce item code structures.
  • Inventory supports as many as eight different costs per location including standard, average, LIFO, FIFO, most recent, serial, and lot costing method.
  • Drill into inventory transactions quickly and easily including:
    • Quantity on purchase order.
    • Quantity on sales order.
  • Reorder quantities can be entered and managed by date.
  • Multilevel Bill of Materials is included as part of distribution bundle.
  • GL batches are created for inventory transactions either automatically or as part of day-end processing, giving you control to support your operation.
  • Multiple price lists are supported for different customer types, payment methods, regions, or currencies.
  • Vendor and customer details are managed for each inventory item.
  • Aged Inventory report is available based on your aging periods.
  • Lot Recall report is included.
  • Quarantine amounts by lot are managed and supported.
  • Purchasing supports additional costs, and built-in landed costs can be prorated to items.
  • Seasonal or location-based autoreordering is available.
  • Enter active, standing, future, and blanket purchase orders.
  • Create one purchase order from multiple requisitions and consolidate items from multiple purchase orders on a single receipt.
  • Invoice from multiple shipments.
  • Enter orders, ship, and invoice from one screen.
  • Payroll module is available as part of distribution bundle and includes employee self-service web portal to access history.
  • Integration with Sage Sales Tax by Avalara guarantees accurate sales tax.

Strong ISV Solutions

  • Print Boss for AP Check Processing–Endorsed
  • doc-link for electronic document management–Endorsed
  • TrueCommerce EDI for a fully integrated EDI solution–Endorsed
  • Accellos for powerful warehouse management–Endorsed
  • Sage KnowledgeSync delivering the right information to the right people–Endorsed
  • Technisoft Service Management for high powered-service requirements–Endorsed
  • for more information on all ISV Solutions