Sage 300 ERP for Distribution monitors stock levels and supply chain; operating margins can improve.

Monitoring operations with Sage 300 ERP for Distribution

Costs. Wastes. These are two critical components in the distribution sector that managers deal with on an hour-by-hour basis.

While it’s crucial to have real-time data available to monitor areas like ongoing sales and stock levels, many operational  procedures are still tied to antiquated methods of accessing and sharing information, such as using Excel spreadsheets to track sales and expenses, while relying on email or Word documents for collaboration.

Both hold data in isolated silos of documents and files, and neither offering real-time integration to facilitate decision making.

Such challenges increase exponentially when multiple locations are involved. What’s needed, is a single platform, such as the Sage 300 ERP for Distribution to monitor all phases of the distribution and supply chain.

The results are seen in the opportunity for more accurate sales forecasts and more accurate inventory control. More importantly, the customer’s needs are being met with more efficiency, particularly when special customer demands are implemented into the mix.

The modular aspects of the Sage software makes it easy to customize, as well as to expand as operations demand. Overall, the Sage ERP solves problems when it comes to sizing up demand with stock levels; adding improvements to operating margins as well as improving customer service and vendor support.

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